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Histogenetics is a dynamic and growing company always looking for talented, experienced, and highly creative professionals in genetics research and computer engineering.

We respect and value our employees and offer competitive compensation with excellent benefits packages. Our diverse team of talented people love what they do and do what it takes to meet our clients’ needs. Current job openings are listed below.


Position title: Genetics Researcher

Location: Ossining, NY 10562

Position summary: Genetic Researcher at Ossining, NY. Perform experiments related to HLA sequencing for clinical samples including DNA extraction from various types of human specimen, quantify and prepare DNA specimens for downstream PCR protocols, run Sanger Cycle sequencing, analyze the DNA sequence data by reviewing mutations and assign appropriate NMDP allele codes. Set-up new client account for USA and other countries, notify the receipt status/count/condition/errors and check for the sample types to meet ASHI/NYDOH regulations. Design new strategies to efficiently manage the workflow for high volume short term special projects.

Mail resumes to HR, HistoGenetics LLC, 300 Executive Blvd, Ossining, NY 10562